Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians: New And Expanded Edition
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Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians: New And Expanded Edition
Author Anas Alam Faizli
ISBN 9789832344841
Accession Code 0000046331
Published Year 2017
Call Number M330.09595 ANA

Malaysia is one of a kind. It is a unique and rare gem, a melting pot with an infinite mixture of ingredients. As Malaysians we are made from various races and different languages but this country blends us all together, coalescing all of our strengths and weaknesses. Blessed with abundant natural resources and harvests, from tin to rubber, palm oil, timber, bauxite, and of course petroleum, Malaysia is a rich country.

As a nation we have all of the essential ingredients to flourish, but are we flourishing? It is shocking how this small country of 31.8 million people managed to assume the title of the region’s most unequal nation, the most inefficient energy user, and the home to one of the world’s largest financial scandals, 1MDB.

Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians grew out of the author’s search for enlightening answers to Malaysia’s problems as well as his wishes and proposals for a better Malaysia. It is his attempt to bring pressure upon decision makers and policy specialists, as well as to create awareness amongst the public of the need for solutions to the problems plaguing the country.

Deliberations in this book are hardly the author’s alone – they are humbly shared in the hope that they can be expounded further through the public domain which will only be a success if individuals come together in a collective effort for all Malaysians. There are no impossibilities that Malaysians cannot face and overcome, every Malaysian counts. And to that end

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