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PENGUMUMAN 1. Perpustakaan Parlimen Malaysia adalah satu pusat kecemerlangan rujukan dalam urusan perundangan, parlimen, pentadbiran kerajaan dan pentadbiran awam bagi menyokong keperluan penyelidikan Ahli-ahli Parlimen Malaysia dan kakitangan Parlimen Malaysia ke arah pembelajaran sepanjang hayat .2. Pengumuman 2............
The Library is a centre for reference for legislative, parliamentary, government and public administration matters that supports the research needs of Members of Parliament and staff in view that information and knowledge is a lifelong learning process. It is continuously improving its services and resources to generate information and knowledge to provide proactive services in meeting users' needs.

Membership of the Resource Centre is only open to Members of Parliament and staff. Other users need to write in officially to the Chief Administrator of Parliament for permission at the following address:

Chief Administrator 
Parliament of Malaysia
Bangunan Parlimen
Jalan Parlimen
50680 Kuala Lumpur
Fax: 03-2026 0914

1. Borrowing and Reference
  • Collection of Parliament Publication
  • Collection of Malaysian Legislatives
  • Collection of Monographs (Books)
  • Collection of Journals
  • Collection of Newspaper Cutting
2. Online Database Services 3. Electronic Book (e-Book) Service 4. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


Parliamentary Document includes materials produced by Parliament of Malaysia on legislative matters as follows:

  • Hansard of the Senate and House of Representatives
  • Order Paper
  • Votes and Proceedings 
  • Bills
  • Statute Paper 
  • Command Paper 
  • Committee Reports 
Collection includes primary and secondary sources of Malaysian Law including: 
  • Straits Settlement and Federated Malay States Laws
  • Subsidiary Legislature
  • Acts
  • Amended Acts
  • Enactment
  • Ordinance
  • P.U.(A)
  • P.U.(B)
  • Government Gazettes
Monograph forms a major part of the Library’s collection. It includes various fields such as legislature, constitution, politics, history, government adminstration, collections from overseas parliamentary institutions, political figures, elections, political parties and other collections related to the function of Parliament. 


  1. Visitors/Users are permitted to enter the library upon official approval from the Chief Administrator of Parliament of Malaysia. 
  2. Visitors/Users must be formally and decently attired. Visitors are not allowed to wear slippers and jeans.
  3. All Visitors/Users are required to display their Identification Pass. 
  4. Users from non-government agencies will be charged a fee of RM30.00 per day and 20 cents per paper for photocopy services. Users from non-government agencies are not allowed to borrow the library collection. 
  5. Visitors/Users are requested to put the books on the trolley once they are used.
  6. Electronic gadgets such as walkman and scanners are not allowed.
  7. Government officials on duty are required to bring their own laptops and are not allowed to use the ‘Information Technology Room’. All requests to print should be forwarded to the ‘Bilik Urus Setia’.
  8. Government officials on duty are not allowed to borrow the library collection and will be charged 20 cents per paper for photocopy services.
  9. All library materials borrowed must be returned. Borrowers will be given three notices to return the borrowed materials after the due date. If the borrower still does not return the books borrowed he will be issued with a fourth notice to notify him to pay the cost of the books borrowed to the Finance Division. If payment is not received within two weeks from the date of the fourth notification, a letter will be forwarded to the Finance Division to deduct payment from his salary. 
  10. Smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the library premise.
  11. Bags, crash helmets and umbrellas must be left at the counter. 
  12. Theft and vandalism of library materials are strictly prohibited.
  13. Library staff has the authority to bar any person from using the library. 
  14. The Library Management reserves the right to amend the library rules and regulations as and when necessary.

Working Days

Monday to Thursday: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Friday : 8.00 am - 12.15 pm & 2.45 pm - 4.00 pm

During Parliamentary Sessions
Monday to Thursday: 8.00 am till the House adjourns
Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays: Closed



Library of Parliament of Malaysia
Bangunan Parlimen, 50680 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: 603 – 2601 7402 / 7386 / 7371 / 7195
Fax: 603 – 2026 0914



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